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Primarily (2014) 'Lady'

Those of you who follow Lady on Twitter know she is a conservative canine down to her paws. Look below to see how she'd ink a June 3 CA Primary if she could vote:

Governor: Tim Donnelly

Lt. Governor: George Yang

Secretary of State: Pete Peterson

Controller: Ashley Swearengin

Treasurer: Greg Conlon

Attorney General: John Haggerty

Insurance Commissioner: Ted Gaines

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Lydia Gutierrez

Board of Equalization District 1: George Runner

Congressional District 30: Mark Reed

Congressional District 25: Tony Strickland

State Senate District 18: Ricardo Benitez


Susan Shelley 45 AD

Zachary Taylor 46 AD

Judicial (Los Angeles County)

Superior Court Judge Office 22: Amy Carter (R)

SC Judge Office 48: Carol Rose (R)

SC Judge Office 54: Shannon L. Knight (D)

SC Judge Office 61: Dayan Mathai

SC Judge Office 76: Alison Matsumoto Estrada (R)

SC Judge Office 87: Steven P. Schreiner

SC Judge Office 97: Teresa Pineda Magno

SC Judge Office 107: Joan M. Chrostek (R)

SC Judge Office 113: Stacy Wiese

SC Judge Office 117: James Pierce

SC Judge Office 138: Donna Hollingsworth Armstrong (R)

SC Judge Office 157: Andrew Cooper

Los Angeles County Assessor: John Morris

Los Angeles County Sheriff: Paul Tanaka (R)

Propositions 41 and 42: No

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